Welcome to the new Knitterly blog! I’m Sandi and I’ll be doing most of the posting here with appearances by Shelli, Knitterly’s owner, and other Knitterly staff.

So I know I’m like many of you, maybe most of you, who wish you could live at the yarn store. You imagine how wonderful it would be to be surrounded by fiber and needles and books all there to inspire and comfort. Maybe that is why so many have such large stashes! Well, imagine my happiness when my obsession with knitting and my frequent visits to Knitterly (almost bordering on stalker love I will admit) landed me my own little home in the yarn store. I get the write the store blog! Granted it is a web home, I don’t really get to curl up in the cashmere at night. But really, what better excuse to hang out and visit, fondle yarn, pour over books and magazines filled with ideas and knit even more than the necessity of research for the blog? Pretty good gig, right? I’m thrilled to share with you what is going on in the store, what inspires me as knitter and any other fun happenings fiber-wise.

If you have been to the store you know what a wonderful and beautiful place it is. If you haven’t yet I hope to entice you to visit if you can. If not in person, at least here on the web.

Here is a little peak of the store.

Knitterly at night The store at night.

doll and neckwarmerHiedi’s critters guarding the knitted projects

tanglewood rackCurtains of Tanglewood Fiber

Check back soon to read more about the Knitterly way of craft.