It was a cold and rainy night Thursday, but a group of us braved the weather and went to the Be Sweet Trunk Show and hat workshop. Such wonderful things were there it just blew the bad weather out of my mind.

Look at all the cheer and happiness in these scarfs and wraps.

Be Sweet wraps

And these rocks? They are FELTED! Isn’t that cool?

Be Sweet rocks Amazing! Here is a table with some smaller rocks along with other goodies. Isn’t the cherry blosom bag fabulous?
table of sweets The bags are made of strips of tee shirts. Here is a closer look a the texture.

.Be Sweet bag12-6-07

Of course there was knitting

.Be Sweet Knitting

Ashleigh was the nights speed knitting champ.


As we were knitting we got the hear about the Be Sweet company and how all the yarn and products are made by local tribes women in South Africa. It’s just the best when you can do something you love like knit and the act of doing it can supports others to have a better life. What is better than everyone winning?

Oh, my hat? Well I’m in a classic knitter’s delemna. I can give it to my niece as planed, in which case it is done and all I need to do is tie the ribbon at the top.


Or, I can knit another inch or so and keep it for myself. Hmm. This is one of the reasons I don’t do a lot of holiday knitting. I am a selfish knitter at heart and want to keep everything. I ask you, is that so wrong? Or, I can just get more yarn and knit another one. See, everybody wins!

There is loads of Be Sweet yarn in the store right now and these hats are truely the cutest and easiest things you can imagine. It is the perfect thing for instant knitting gratification.