According the the Nature’s Palette website, a wonderful silk and wool lace weight yarn will be available in January. But, lucky us, Knitterly has some now! It is a 30% silk/70% wool yarn and it is yummy. Darlene only uses natural materials to hand dye her yarn and the colors are both rich and soft at the same time. The feel is comforting and snugly and in the hank it feels kind of smooshy- in a very good way! I just keep picking it up squeezing it.

Want to see? Of course you do!

basket of nature’s lace

Oh, you want a closer look? Here.

close up of nature’s lace

Sometimes I get intimidated by lace yarn. It is so thin and delicate, I’m afraid that I will just make a big mess with it. But this yarn doesn’t intimidate. It looks easy to knit, so no worries about getting your nerve up before jumping into a lace project. It is not slippery, or sticky and it has enough texture to it that you can feel it in your hands. When I first started knitting lace, the hardest thing to get use to was feeling like I wasn’t knitting anything at all. This yarn is light and airy, but with substance. I imagine this knit into a big shawl to wear by the fire while reading a book or knitting. Or maybe a nice scarf when you want something warm next to your neck but don’t want the bulk of big wool scarf. See, it is already talking to me letting know what it wants to be.

I think we humans are actually quite powerless against the will of yarn. It is just smart enough to let us think we decide what to do with it!  Let the yarn whispering begin!