Trish Andersen of Tanglewood Fiber Creations is coming back to Knitterly to share her amazing yarn, spinning magic and exuberant wisdom of fiber, creativity and life! This Saturday, December 15th! Come and see. Really. It is a hoot and half!  If you have experienced Trish on one of her previous visits you know the treat she is. If you haven’t yet, well, stop buy the store and see what all the fuss and giggles are about. You wont be sorry. Absolutely worth a special trip.

There are so many things to love about Trish and her yarn.

hanging tanglewood

Of course the yarn is gorgeous, of course Trish is a master at what she does. Of course you would expect nothing less from a luxury yarn producer. But it is the sight of seeing someone fall under the Tanglewood spell that confirms that this, this yarn is no ordinary luxury. And Trish is no ordinary spinner.

rack of tanglewood

I have experienced the spell first hand of course and witnessed it many, many times. First the uninitiated listen as you go on about how soft and beautiful the yarn is. They can see it is beautiful so they are already falling. Then you insist they touch it (granted not usually a hard thing to do in a yarn store). They do, but you can tell they are just trying to appease you. And then you see the spell fully take hold. There is an instantaneous pause as the brain decides that the hands are not lying. It is that soft. There is an intake of breath at being caught off guard by just how special this yarn is. Then a refocus of attention from what they were doing to complete absorption in feel and color. Of course there is some exclamation such as “Oh!” or “Wow! “or “I’ve never felt anything like this.”

Those hit most hard immediately start the search for the skein or skeins that are meant to theirs, touching and holding each to find their perfect match. Others resist in the moment but visit the yarn each time they are in the store, eventually giving in and taking the perfect skein home. Or sadly, sometimes coming back to find “their” skein has gone home with someone else. This is very sad indeed, so let’s not dwell here.

The full expression of the spell is only realized when, having your perfect skein, you find the just right project to knit with it, savoring each stitch. I realize I am going on. You may think I am exaggerating the power of the spell. It is true that it may very well be possible to resist this:

cashmere close up

But why?