There are so many things I love about knitting, and about knitters. We all know we are a pretty generous bunch, so I’m not going to be revealing anything new here. That being said the other day when I was in the shop I saw, what I think it the essence of knitterly generosity that I want to share.

See the ball of yarn?

ball of yarn

It is the last bit of a Natures Palette wool that is no longer available. So, what to do when you need just a bit more to finish something for Christmas? Find someone who will share.

I love this. Shelli (on the left) and Paige (on the right) knitting off of the same last ball of yarn! Paige needs just a bit more to finish her sweater so Shelli, being at the finish line with hers, lets Paige knit form the other end of the ball.

shelli & paige

Just another afternoon at Knitterly.

Who would you share you share your last bit of yarn with?