After the holidays I get into two types of moods. One is productive and focused. I get inspired to finish projects that got put aside in the rush of shopping, decorating, celebrating and knitting for others. I plan what I’m finally going to do with the yarn in my stash. I dream of ways to organize said stash. Notice I use words like “inspired”, “plan” and “dream”. Not much in the actual “doing” realm. Yeah, New Year’s resolutions don’t usually fair well with me.

The other mood I get into is irreverent. I want to snap out of the post holiday hangover and dreariness January brings. I want to knit something fun, colorful, quick. Something to cheer me up, something to take my mind off of the rain and something that just has me not take myself and all my THIS-is-the-year-I-change-my-life earnestness all too seriously.

I found the perfect book of inspiration for this second mood.

pretty in punk cover

Pretty in Punk 25 Punk, Rock and Goth knitting projects by Alyce Benevides and Jaqueline Miles. Now I know that the title and the cover will have many pass it by, thinking it too young, too different or too silly, but I invite you to pick it up and give it a look with an open mind.   Especially if you love simple ideas translated into unique and individual projects, have an inner Goth girl who needs to have some fun or where in any way a part of, or inspired by the 80’s.

Of course all the projects can be knit as written with all the attitude and youth intact. The projects are simple and the instructions are given in a clear, conversational style that I like. But what I appreciate about this book and what I think it offers someone who is, shall we say a bit past her rave days, is an outside the traditional look at simple shapes and ideas, stimulating creativity. Any book that has me not only think, “Wow that’s cute”, but “Wow, that would be great with a different yarn”, or “I would never wear that crown on my bum, but it would be great on a sweater or as a pillow” is one I want in my library.

Now, my 40 something self knows that sporting the God Save the Queen mohawk number on the cover is sanity suicide, but the Love Bites arm warmers are adorable,

love bites

The Young One sweater is cute at any age,

young one

and the Rockabilly Riot’s oversized hound’s-tooth pattern along with the mohawked skull in Death or Glory

death and glory

just might be the thing to have me get over my intimidation of intarsia.

So, if the New Year needs a bit of perking up for you, check out Pretty in Punk or any other book you might otherwise pass by. It might just be the spark that lets you see your knitting in a different way.