We have some new Japanese pattern books in.


Why are these craft and pattern books so popular with those who do not speak or read Japanese? I don’t know the official answer as I am sure there is no one reason why. My answer is the flat out adorableness of them.

While I don’t have the official word on why, just my opinion, what I do know is that I love anything that has me look at knitting in new and different ways. One sure fire way to do this is to look at books and patterns from different cultures and written in different languages. Because these books are in Japanese, you look for details that clue you into construction,  your mind is engaged in a different way as you find your way around the pattern. You lean into your knowledge of knitting and crochet and what you know about construction, you discover the  beauty of a well written chart and brilliance of complete schematics. Making something from a pattern written in a language you don’t speak is a bit like finding your way around a foreign city. You find out you probably know more than you think and discover resourcefulness you didn’t know you had.  Also, imagine the confidence gained when you realize your crafting options are no longer limited by your language!

And then, of course there is just the beautiful and quirky creativity of the Japanese crafters that transcends any language barrier. These books are just plain old good inspiration.

There is cuteness so cute I can hardly stand looking at it.


There is inspiration to make my own flip flops (I know, who would have thought!)


I love this vest in a way I can not even explain. I just love it. I’ve been daydreaming about it. I want to be her, in those boots, setting in that window looking out over the prairie.


If you have a have a fair amount of knitting or crochet experience or have worked with Japanese patterns before or have an adventurous heart, the addition of one or more Japanese books may just be the thing to spice up your winter blues. Even if you have none of these things, I don’t want to underestimate the inspiration value alone of these books.

Inspiration, what ever the source is worth its weight in cashmere!