Knitting and crochet are pretty low tech when you think about it. Some yarn, some needles or a hook and you are ready to go. If you know a basic stitch or two you don’t even need pattern to enjoy your craft. Ok, a pattern does help, but really it can be pretty darn simple. Beyond the basics, what kinds of things help?

Every knitter or crocheter has his or her own method for keeping track of, transporting or taking care of their projects. Like everything else in the craft world there is more than one way to do anything and no one right way. A scrap of yarn or a fancy stitch marker? Personally I love nice stitch markers, but use a lot of yarn scraps because that seems to be what is easiest to grab in the moment. I love my row counter but can’t ever seem to find mine when I need it. As a result there are hash marks to be found on magazines, letters, what every paper is in the vicinity of my knitting. Fancy knitting or project bag or the paper one your yarn came home in? While I love the nice della Q bag I keep my delicate knitting in, I also have many, many Knitterly bags full of yarn thought the house. All work and yet what else is available?

What gadgets really work for you? And, how do you keep them with in easy reach?

In my yarn lust, I often pass by a lot of the organizing, storage and notion stuff in the store. The other day took a look and there were some fun things to check out.

Tubes for DPN’s, electronic row counters (able to keep track of more than one count at a time! Great for multiple projects or projects with more than one think going on at time.), and not pictured, but fabulous, a way to hold your DPN’s while working on something so that they are easy to carry around with out risk of pointy end injury.

The down side to super soft yarn is fuzz and pills. A sweater comb or stone helps. Clear containers for needles let you see what you have and are easy to store with out risk to the treasures inside.

gagets2 gagets3

Although not technically a gadget, a good bag, big or small, goes a long way in adding style and practicality to the question of how to keep things close at hand.


I am looking at the cute small ones in particular. Two or three of those filled with the basic necessities of row counter, stitch markers, small scissors, tap measure, etc. placed in strategic places around the house will mean I never have to get up in the middle of knitting to find what I need.

I’m curious, what is your favorite yarn related gadget? Leave a comment and share!