No matter how much you love your hand knit things, sometimes it just isn’t reasonable to wear them. Not that fiber folks feel the constants of “reasonableness”, but you know, sometimes your inner fashion adviser whispers, variety, change of pace. Say like on one of these pre spring days when the sun is shining and warm! and you are so glad you live in California. You know, sometimes a sweater is just not the thing. But that doesn’t mean your fiber love needs to stay hidden you your knitting bag! Check these out:

knittinggirltee fibertee

There are other too. Come in and see.

And yes, these cuties will be sale starting next Wednesday. 25% off February 20-25th. Even if you have promised not to buy more yarn until you use your stash or some such thing, so you’re thinking you might try and avoid the sale as to not be tempted, remember, tee shirts are not yarn!