Well, the big sale is over, but the joy of new yarn I know is continuing! It was a fun, fun weekend.

Trish came to visit (she is here with Alan in his hat made of Columbia GORGE-ous)


and spin of course.

trishspinning (she will be here tonight also, so come join the fun).

Even though there was lots of rain most of the weekend, lots of shopping happened,


and lots of buying.


And even after all the frenzy, Ashleigh and Sam are still smiling and ready to help!

sam and ashleigh

Oh, and one very cute pig, Coco, was found.

Well, here is the story. Late Saturday a delightful young girl decided to let her dear pig have a nap in a “yarn nest” while her mom was shopping. I know what you are thinking, don’t we all want to nap in a yarn nest! Well, when it was time to go, Coco was no where to be found. I think Coco was just so comfy in the yarn she just wasn’t ready to leave.  After a couple of hours of searching, it was decided to leave the pig in the yarn overnight and resume the search Sunday morning. More searching, no pig, until finally Coco woke up and decided to let herself be found. I am sure she missed her loving caretaker. Here is Coco looking wonderfully rested and ready to go home.


Every sale has a story and this one has the midnight adventures of Coco the pig!

Be sure the check out our class schedule. New classes are being added for the spring and you know you have a lot of new yarn to play with!