Take a look at these needles!



Gorgeous yes? These are glass circular needles make by Sheila Ernst.  First, just looking at them is an experience.They are truly beautiful. But are they practical? Yes, yes and of course yes! These are needles that beg to be used, not just displayed. On of the criticisms of glass needles is that they make a really annoying scratching, scrapping sound as they rub against each other. I am happy to say I have not had this with these needles. They are nothing but a joy. The cable is so flexible and soft, there is absolutely no fighting, just ease. The joins are smooth as can be. The feel of the glass is smooth as the yarn slides easily over them as you work with just the tiniest and charming bit of sound as the tips hit each other. And, speaking of the tips, they are pointy with out being sharp. I have a pair of ruby red size 7’s I am using right now and already planing what to knit with them next.

Sizes go as small as 16″size 4 and go up from there. The colors and designs are amazing, it is very hard to choose.

The question of whether knitting is craft or art may never be fully decided, but knitting with these needles is knitting with art and I don’t think there can be an argument to that.