We have received a few copies of Setsuko Torii Hand-Knit Works, or more simply, the Habu book.habubkcover

The elegance and uniqueness of Habu fibers are well known and loved, but what to do with them is often a question. Habu offers kits, which help answer this question and are a wonderful place to start, but for those who want more, who want to immerse in the aesthetic of Habu, this is a book for you.

A sometimes hard to find treasure for the Habu fan, this book is so full of inspiration and beauty it can be pretty easy to overlook the fact that it is in Japanese. Although I could say that the photography and pattern schematics detailed enough to rival any set of architectural plans make up for the language barrier, it will be a hurdle some will not want to tackle. However, for those who know how to work with Japanese patterns, are up for learning something new this will not be an issue. For those who want a book that is more than just a pattern book and is sure to inspire and show the truly artistic possibilities of fiber, the fact the book is in Japanese is just another thing that will make it such a unique find.

Worthy of displaying on the coffee table, and practical enough to become well worn with love and use, this book is sure to hold a treasured place in the heart of those who appreciate the sculptural and textural qualities of yarn and design. Here are some examples:





If this is getting you thinking about trying some Habu for yourself, come on in. We have a large selection of yarn to see and touch. Also, Takako form Habu is coming to the store in May for a trunk show so you can see and feel garments make out of the yarn. She will also be here for a day of mini classes on how to read Japanese patterns.

If you have been tempted, this spring is the time to go Japanese!