We have the very yummy Koigu Kersti yarn in stock.

100% merino wool in all the colors Koigu is loved for, in a DK weight. It feels wonderful in the hank, but once knit, it is even better. Firm but squishy at the same time. And soft. And pretty. I know I am knitting on great yarn when I keep stopping to just feel the fabric and then take it over the window to even better enjoy the color. I am noticing a very slight tendency to split, but not enough to distract from the pleasure of knitting and enjoying the color and feel of this yarn.

I am making Jen’s Headband Scarf

and I am already wishing I was making a sweater. Sure it will take longer to knit an adult sweater from DK rather than worsted, but when the knitting experience is good, who cares? You can see the slight variation of color that gives this yarn its depth and richness. You might think a simple grey yarn is not that exciting, but this is a soft blue steel grey that has such subtlety to the color that I kept going back to it. Even though I had a choice of many vibrant and exciting colors, this one just grabbed me, wanting to be knit. For me, another sign of a great yarn. When it just captivates you, even when at first you think it is just a simple yarn in a simple color.

The yarn is not the only Kersti we have. Kersti, name sake of the yarn and daughter of Koigu hand painter Taiu has great talent of her own. She hand paints silk scarves and has quite a color sense of her own.

Nice to know that when it gets too warm for wool, I don’t have to give up wearing Kersti.