Loving, loving, loving More Big Girls Knits by Knitty goddess Amy Singer and her partner in inclusiveness, Jillian Moreno!

So much more than a pattern book for the more ample of us, it is a call for acceptance and celabration of the vairety of the female shape. A call for holding a higher standard for ourselves and what we spend our time creating. This book, along with the orignail Big Girl Knits, sends message to all of us women (and not just those over a size 10) who have ever felt bad about ourselves because a pattern did not come in our size, did not fit the way it did the model, or seemed to ignore basic female anatomy. The way to claim the power of the needles is to start by being honest, then play to our strenghts and not be afraid of a little math. The book does a great job of walking you though all of this, with humor and fun.

As in Big Girl Knits, there is plenty of information about how to fit a pattern to you. If you want a good fit, you have to be honest about the body you are fitting. Not your imaginary body. That real body you are fitting has strenghts, things you want the world to notice. Good things. Things to play up, acentuate, give focus to. In Big Girl language, it is determining if you are a Boob, Butt or Belly gal, the 3 B’s. Know this, choose and addapt patterns to focus on the good, minimize the bad, and you are on your way to not only knitting the right Big Girl pattern, but armed with knowedge to help you choose and knit any pattern for your self. Got to love a book that gives you information to use outside of it’s own covers.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the Plain Vanilla, totally custumized to you pattern. Talk about learning how to have completely your way! A step by step process in creating your own perfect sweater. If you don’t want to create it all yourself, here is a sample of some of the beautiful patterns included in the book.

Yes, there are accessories too! Socks, wraps, scarfs, all with a Big Girl sensiblity.

The style of the book is fun and casual. Like hanging out with your best friends for some honest and juicy girl talk. You know, the kind where you laugh and have fun, but still hear the honest truth you really need to know. The kind of truth that makes you a better person. In this case, a better, happier knitter.

I am often inpsired by knitting books. It is not often I feel empowered by them. More Big Girl Knits does both. It is a refreshing reality check in a world where it is easy to forget that beauty has many expressions, fashion should be fun and flatering, and sometimes a girl’s best friends are a tape measure, mirror and the courage to knit for the body she has right now.