Last week we had a Habu trunk show, and even though it was hot, hot, HOT in Petaluma, the turn out was great. Takako is now gone, but she left her samples. We will have them until early June, so come check them out if you didn’t brave the heat last week, or just want to visit and try on your favorite again.

Here is a peak at the fun we had:

Shelli and Takako looking pretty.

Romi came to visit, and model!

Here are some of the wonderful garments. They not only take on a sculptural quality because of the fibers, but they are so univerally flattering. You really need to see, touch and try to fully appreciate the artistry of Habu designs.

We were calling this one the “cake” dress because it looks like a fanciful cake. What is surprising is how cute it looks on. Not over the top, just simple and unique. Around the shoulders is the Kasha Kasha wrap made from the silk/stainless steel and merino.

And here is cute Takako teaching us all how to work with Japanese patterns. They really are very straight forward and simple when you know how to read them.

Now all that is needed is patience in waiting for the kits we ordered to come in!