Lace is the perfect summer time project. Light and airy, even if you choose a warm fiber, it can run the gamut from simple and mindless, to mind teasingly complicated. You get to choose how much you want to think and pay attention. You also get the satisfaction of a big, impressive look even if the pattern is simple.

Lace is also the perfect wow your friends and impress strangers kind of knitting. It can also be a bit intimidating to those who have not attempted it before. Honestly though, if you can knit, purl, increase, decrease and yarn over you have everything you need to complete a project of beauty and sophistication.

We have a series of lace knitting classes coming up covering everything from basics to designing your own shawl. Lace 101- Begining Lace is on June 1, Lace 102- Victorian Shawls is on June 29 and Lace 103- Knitting Lace Triangles will come later in the summer. There is also the Ice Queen class on August 2 that I have mentioned before. The Ice Queen class will also teach adding beads to your knitting which is so much fun! Any or all of these classes will give or enhance your lace knitting skill.

For the adventurous learn-it-yourselfer, there is Evelyn Clark’s Knitting Lace Triangles book. A fantastic resource!

She walks you though the stages of planning a triangle shawl of your very own in easy to follow steps. There are charts and line by line instructions so you can choose which type of instructions you like. She gives you 4 popular motifs and then tells you how to mix and match them to your creative heart’s desires and whims. She also includes the patterns for the examples, which is worth the price of the book all on it’s own.

It helps to be a bit familiar with lace, but she is complete in her explanations and examples. By the end of your first project you will have a solid understanding of triangle constructions and how to vary your designs to suit your mood and supplies. One of the invaluable resources is a very complete appendix for figuring out how much yarn you need to have for certain size of shawl. Perfect for those skeins of yarn in your stash that you don’t know what to do with. I love that she gives calculations for lace to worsted weight yarn. That gorgeous 300 yards of sock yarn you don’t want to knit into socks? Those 4 balls of worsted weight your sister gave you because it matches your eyes? That fantastic 1000 yards of lace weight you brought back from vacation? They do not need to sit in the corner any more. You can knit all of them into something special with this book. This really is a one stop shop for lace triangle knitting.

My stash was just how my shawl, this is it under Evelyn’s book above, got started. I had one skein of yummy Malabrigo lace and I was having the hardest time finding a pattern for it. Enter Evelyn’s book. I had everything I needed to make sure I had a pattern that would use the amount of yarn that I had in a one of a kind way. Now that stray skein is a charming shawl that is light, snugly and just enough to keep the cool spring breezes off of my neck. One skein, 470 yards of softness, got me a decent sized shoulder shawl. It is not big enough to cover my arms, but very nice for wrapping around my neck.

A few words about Malabrigo lace. I have to say it is a joy to work with. I would highly recommend it to someone trying a fine lace weight yarn for the first time. Of course it is soft (it is after all Malabrigo!), not slippery, but not sticky either. It easily allowed for tinking back when necessary without threatening to dissolve into an uncontrolable river of dropped stitches the second something left the needles. A big, big plus when working with lace! Here is closer look at the yarn and the stitch definition.

Pretty if I do say so myself! This shows the true color of the yarn as well as the slight variation in the dye. The variation is not so much that it detracts from the lace pattern, but enough to give an added dimension to the piece. Over all, knitting this was a fun and rewarding adventure. There was the planing and then the knitting and not being exactly sure how it was all going to end up. Then there was the blocking and first good look at what I had done. Any lace knitting will tell you that any and all struggles are forgotten as soon as you see that blocked lace for the first time! The final grand reward was the first wrap around my neck and the joy of knowing I designed this myself and it was perfect!

Summer is around the corner, so start some lace. No matter what your experience or how big or small the project, lace is a unique kind of knitting journey. One that is sure to please when all is said and done.