I am completely enchanted by Norah Gaughan’s beet pattern from Berroco #274 Comfort DK. I don’t know why, but knitted food is just so cute, and this particular root veggie is adorable! I can’t even stand beets, so to find myself so drawn to knitting one, well, I chalk that up to Norah’s genius. When it came time to knit a store sample with some Comfort, I jumped at the chance to have a reason to knit this beet.

Why was I waiting for a “reason”? I don’t know, but it sure was silly. It is a fun, quick and ever so rewarding knit sure to bring a smile or 10 to you and those around you! And, everyone can use more smiles in their day! The pattern is rated as intermediate, requiring you to know who to knit, purl, make one, use DPN’s and make i-cord. It would be a good skill builder for the advanced beginner looking for a fun challenge.

I did make one rather amusing rookie mistake. The pattern, being from the Comfort DK booklet of course asks for DK yarn. In my excitement to knit, I grabbed the appropriate colors not even thinking that what we carry in the store is the worsted version. Oops! No wonder I got a generous jumbo sized beet! It is probably no surprise that I have been known to have some serious gauge issues. This was a happy mistake though because there is something utterly charming about it being so big! The ball of Comfort in the picture gives some scale.

Comfort is a 50/50 nylon acrylic blend perfect for baby things or anything that is going to get lots of machine washing. If you are put off by acrylic yarns, give this one a try. Everyone that has felt it has been impressed by its softness and snugly feel. It has a tendency to split a bit though, so I found I needed to keep an bit more attention on my stitches to make sure I wasn’t leaving a little loop behind, but other than that this yarn was enjoyable to work with.

Enjoy the summer. Knit a beet in Comfort!