Knitterly has a guest this week.

This is Erica here with Shelley. She is interning this summer with Trish of Tanglewood Fiber Creations and she has been spending a few days in Petaluma and the store. Erica is learning tons this summer with Trish about the fiber making side of things and came to Petaluma to see the fiber selling side of things.

Those of us who love Trish’s yarn will also love Erica (not that she isn’t adorable enough to love on her own!), as she is working hard to make sure the “fiber creations” of Tanglewood Fiber Creations continues to speed along. Word has it Erica has been helping Trish with a new red color way. Here is hoping we can all see that soon. (By the way, have you seen Tanglewood’s lace weight yarn? We have few hanks in the store and it is wonderful.)

It is a short visit. Erica is heading back to Oregon on Wednesday to get back to work dyeing and possibly learning to spin.