As if any more needed to be said beyond the two words “yarn sale” to evoke a good time! Last summer we had so much fun, and we know those of you who made it had so much fun so we have to do it again. Knitterly and Muench Yarns are partnering to have a huge once a year warehouse sale. If you want to fill out your stash, want to find some great deals, are looking for odds and ends to add the perfect touch to your projects, or just want to be part of the crazy fun, make sure to mark your calenders and come and buy! This the perfect opportunity to buy that blankets worth of yarn or stock up on supplies for holiday knitting, or, well you certainly don’t need me to tell you the opportunity a whole warehouse full of yarn dramatically discounted is.

The sale will be at Munch Yarns, 1323 Scott Street Petaluma, right off of North McDowell (behind the Pier One/Kohls shopping center).

See ya there!