It is hard to over state the impact Elizabeth Zimmermann has had on generations of knitters. We are genuinely fortunate to have so many of her patterns and writings available to continue to inspire, encourage and embolden us for generations to come. But truely, if you want the complete EZ experience you have to watch the DVD of her PBS series The Knitting Workshop. Sure at $48 bucks it is an investment,  so if you want to check it out, we have it for rent at for only $5 a week. A bargain if there ever was one.

A couple of weeks ago, as we were having over 100 degree days, I sat watching Elizabeth knit ski sweaters and wool hats and all sorts of cold weather knits. I was so completely charmed and entertained I didn’t care that it was blazing hot outside. I also picked up tons of fantastic little tips and ticks to make my knitting so much more enjoyable, and my own. I have heard of people saying that they will just put her on for company and I totally get why now.

Anything by Elizabeth is a knitter’s must have, and the video, well, take it home and see for yourself. Just be prepared to learn and laugh out loud at the same time.