Well, it’s bit late of a wrap up of the wonderful lace class Romi we had here last week. I, know, bad blogger! Even worse, I have no pictures of the event. Really bad blogger. Romi however, being the professional and the artist she is, has some great pictures of the day here on her blog. The day was great and we had a super fun and adventurous group of knitters eagerly jumping into fun that is lace knitting.

What I do have are pictures of the glory the Delta Queen scarf is.

Look at this detail of the edge!

And here is another close up, it is just so pretty!

Made from one skein of Habu bamboo lace and  beads, it is the same pattern at the Ice Queen, but a bit more summer friendly. It looks so luxurious and I can tell you it feels even more so! The bamboo is silky and cool on the skin, and the beads add a weight and drape that is simply heavenly. If you have not experienced bamboo before you are in for a treat. There is something extra special I think about the lace weight, something to be experienced.

We still have Romi’s sample in the store so check it out when you are in.

By the way, the class was a great hit and I have heard some whispers of her returning to teach again! If you have a chance, absolutely take one of Romi’s classes.She is so knowledgeable and patient, truly one of those inspiring teachers we students love. I was working so only overhead bits and pieces, but even though I have done a fair amount of lace, I picked up a thing or two and wanted more. Makes me want to be an official participant next time around!