We are so excited to welcome Debbie Abrahams to Knitterly on September 6 and 7. Well known author and teacher, she will be teaching 3 different workshops, all of which will increase your range and skill as a knitter. September 6 from 10:30-1:30 the subject is intarsia and 2:30-5:30 will be all about beads. September 7 from 12-3 is about learning how to bring professional looking finishing skills to your work. Click on the links for more specifics.

There is something about beads and knitting that make an enchanting pairing. Nothing creates a bit of drama or sparkle like well placed beads. I know for myself, intarsia is the one knitting technique that I have been scared to try. Well, scared may be a bit dramatic, let’s say nervous. I pass by things I would love to knit because blocks of color seem too much to handle. And then there are the hours of knitting sitting in bags because I’m just not quite sure how to put the pieces together, or once together just don’t look quite right. Having an expert like Debbie for the whole weekend to demystify the challenges and impart knitting wisdom is an opportunity to grab!

Please come and learn from a wonderful, accomplished and fun teacher!