Gina Wilde, the creative force behind Alchemy Yarns of Transformation has a new book out, Shibori Knits The Art of Exquisite Felted Knits. Shibori is a Japanese felting technique that plays with textural effects and allows a range of results from whimsical to sophisticated. With Gina’s imaginative creativity and sensitivity to detail and originality, partnered with Alchemy’s vibrant and exquisite fibers, this book is sure to inspire an interested in taking felting to a whole new place.

The book is not just for felters though. Straight up knitters who would never think of subjecting their creations to a hot bath and a vigorous washing machine roller coaster ride will see new possibilities for the craft.

I am in love with the delicate and ethereal Poet’s Shawl which mixes the feltable mohair/silk Haiku with the nonfeltable silk boucle Pagoda.

Then there is the fun bouquet wrap that uses just the Haiku.

So pretty! There is so much more, a cute little doggie caplet, a baby sling, hats, belts… so much more. You have to get your hands a copy and take in the many possibilities.

The book is divided into three chapters. One, Surrender to Shibori, elegant explorations in knitting and felting possibility. Two, Shibori Creativity, experiments in unlikely combination of fiber. Three, Subtle Shibori, adventures in color, composition and construction. Also included is an appendix that covers technical concepts, tips and advice and a glossary as well as a yarn substitution guide and Alchemy retailers list.

This book is a fantastic inspirational muse for those ready to invite a bit of mystery into their knitting. Any felting process requires a certain letting go of control and a willingness to be surprised by an outcome that is never fully guaranteed. What you get in return for your courage is so often unexpected beauty and surprising texture that just can’t be achieved any other way. Though this book Gina has created a tempting pull to lure the timid into trying something new, and the already bold to push the boundaries of felting even further.