Well, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka The Yarn Halot, didn’t actual come to Petaluma again, but Santa Rosa is close enough. Out talking about her new book Free-Range Knitter, The Yarn Harlot Writes Again, The Harlot once again charmed, amused and touched a large crowd of us knitters with her insightful observations about knitting and life.

Any of you who have seen Stephanie talk, know the energy and fun of the whole event. There is the long line of knitters waiting until it is time to go in a grab a seat.

Of course there is meeting of new friends and admiring of knitting, as well as hooking up with old friends and admiring knitting,

Here is the ever talented and lovely Rosemary Hill, aka Romi. See her amazing jewelry?  It is from her new book coming out next month! Check out the earrings. Gorgeous eh? (Yeah, that is my inner Canadian coming out in honor of Stephanie).

It is always great fun to see amused (or confused) looks on passers by when they learn we are all here to hear an knitting author! I don’t have a picture because the uninitiated tend to retreat rather quickly when they realize they are outnumbered. Too bad, because us knitters really are a fun and friendly bunch!

We were even covered by the media. Ok, not national TV or anything, but mother and daughter podcasting team Jasmin and Gigi of The Knitmore Girls were making the rounds getting lots of good stuff for an upcoming show.

Then of course there is Stephine herself.

Yep, that was the most I saw of her while she was talking and I had to strain for this shot. There are not many people I would so happily stand in the hot humid sun for in order to get this limited a view.

The thing that makes Stephanie so special and why we will drive for hours, stand in line for hours, over and over again to hear her speak to the complete wonderment of the non knitters around us, is of course because she is funny. Hysterically funny actually. But there is so much more to her and her work than a cute phrase or humorous story. It is her razor sharp observations about life, knitting and the human journey we all share that touches us so deeply. As we wipe away tears of laughter, our heart is opened more to ourselves and our world, our mind is opened more the truth about ourselves and the world around us, and we connect to the soul level importance of making time for the humble, yet transforming powers of knitting.

There were so many wonderful moments of the day, but one of the best was getting my picture taken with the Harlot herself!

Her tee shirt says “I”m kind of a knitting superhero.” Really Stephanie. We all know you ARE a superstar. In knitting and in life.