Just in time for the chilly mornings we have been having is our Third Thursday sale for October.  All felting wool is 30% off. I know felting is a year round thing, but something about fall makes me want to pull out the big needles and make a warm felted something.I think it’s time for a new pair of snugly  felted slippers, or maybe a felted hat. Of course a felted bag is always fun. We will be open till 8pm for a Knit Night pot luck. Bring a little something to eat, bring some knitting (or start the project you just bought wool for!) and share some fun.

We have a couple of great felting classes coming up just to get you thinking about felting opportunities. (Click on the link to get class times and other info)

Felted Harlequin slippers

Felted Market bag

Hope to see you on Thursday!