It is mid November and we are getting temperatures into the 80’s. Great for July, but kind of strange in November, and I’ll admit it, a bit annoying to me. I’m not a warm weather person to begin with and I want nice cool, seasonal knitting weather. Of course the temperature outside has not stopped my cold weather knitting. I’ve been on a spurt of snugly knits in anticipation of the cold weather I know is coming.


Those are my feet in my just finished Fiber Trends knitted clogs. My husband was right, these have changed my life. He has been at me to knit a pair for myself since I made him some two Christmas’s ago. My feet are always cold, but these solve that problem. And there is just nothing in the world like putting cold toes into nice, warm, cozy slippers. Why did I wait so long? Even though I don’t like knitting something I’ve made before, these are an exception. I am also working on a Noro striped scarf (a la BrooklynTweed) out of Silk Garden. Watching to color changes is so entertaining an this is the perfect mindless yet not boring project.

I have been wanting to knit myself a hot water bottle cozy for just about forever. Just one of those things that I have wanted but not gotten around to until now. I just made it up as I went along, put a cable in to keep the knitting interesting, added a picot bind off a the top to make it girly, and used GGH Bel Air doubled to make it quick. A hot water bottle is one of those cozy, hold fashioned things and having a soft cover just makes it more fun.

No really weather, it’s time to cool off. I’ve got some knits to snuggle up with!