Hey, if your on your mailing list you already know we have a weekend of sumptuous fiber fun with Gina Wilde of Alchemy yarns.  I hope you will come and join the fun. If you don’t know, here’s the low down.  Gina is going to be down the street at Copperfield’s Books Friday Dec 4 at 7pm to talk about her gorgeous and innovative Shibori Knits book. If you want some inspiration, are curious how she does the magic that she does with yarn and projects, come on down to Copperfield’s. And then after, at Knitterly, there is going to be trunk show where you can touch the beauty of all the projects from her new book. Really, Alchemy is all about the senses. Visually, the colors are just entrancing, and then there is the textural pleasure of touching and working Alchemy yarns. Getting a chance to look and touch, well, I defy you to not want to cast on right away!

The thing I am most looking forward to is that Gina will be doing a workshop on Saturday from 11-2.  I have been taken in by her book, so the chance to work with her in person and learn more about the techniques is a special treat. All you need is to sign up (we still have space and the price is $60.00) and bring size 6 and 9 circular needles.  Not only are we going to get Gina’s expertise, but she is bring the fiber! Yeah, really, all you do bring the needles and she brings the inspiration and the good fiber stuff to play around with and experiment on.

I know it is getting into the hectic time of year, but if you can, stop by, hopefully to be in the class, but at least to see and touch some fabulous Shibori felting! You wont look at felting the same way again.