It really is an embarrassment of riches this month at Knitterly. Right on the tail of the fabulous Alchemy event this past Friday and Saturday, we have Rosemary Hill and her fantastic new book, Elements of Style: Knit & Crochet Jewelry with Wire, Fiber, Felt and Beads, with us this Saturday.


Romi will be doing a book signing from 11-12:30 and then a workshop exploring knitting and crocheting with wire. There will be nibbles, and if you sign up for the class ($60) and bring some old small size DPN’s and crochet hooks, she’ll bring the materials and inspiration for a fun time.

I know it is December and the clock is tick tock-ing away towards the holidays. I’m sure you have at least 50 pressing things that need to get done, including finishing the Christmas knitting you may not have even started. I get it, who has time for an extra trip to the yarn store, not to mention time for a workshop? I know it may seem bold to even suggest it. But really, Romi’s stuff has to be seen to believed. She is an amazing teacher and I just know you will not be sorry you made the time.

If you have seen any of her very popular designs on, you know Rosemary always has a fresh, innovative twist on anything she sets her talents to. This, her first book, is no exception! Really stunning. It is a mind opening look at the possibilities of making jewelry that will have you wanting to bring your small hooks and needles out to play for sure. She brought by some samples from the book a few weeks ago, and literally, a group of us we were sitting in a circle, jaws dropped open, appreciating the creativity, beauty and refinement of the projects.

True confession. I have never been remotely interested in making knitting jewelry. At all. My thought was why bother. Well, shows how much I know about the possibilities of blending a bit of knitting, a bit of crochet, some sparkly beads and rich sense of style. Just some magic!

If you are around downtown Petaluma Saturday, do be sure to drop in. If you deserve a bit of a holiday treat for yourself (and I know you do!) indulge yourself in the workshop. We would love to have you!