My Cousin Carol said to me “Girl you are the luckiest woman alive”, she had just spent a couple of days with my daughter and family. Last year in October my daughter(Ashleigh), her husband(Leon), and their baby(Waylon, the cutest baby on earth) moved in with us to get financially stable. Well…… I was a bit worried, in September before they moved in, and now 9 months later…. I am the “Luckiest Woman Alive”! Our house is only 1800sq. feet and my son(Jeff) and his dog(Lou) live with us too! Waylon loves his uncle Jeff best, they are best friends. So far we have taken a couple of road trips together and have had experiences of a lifetime. Waylon is now almost one years old, I can’t believe how fast times gone by. We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium last Thursday with them and and such fun. Then the kids went on down to San Diego to visit Cousin Carol and my husband(Jeff, big Jeff) and I spent Friday in Monterey just relaxing, Ahhhh…. what a life!