Eleven years ago my Mom and I took a knitting class together ( by the way this is Ashleigh, Shelli’s daughter). It was so awesome. The class was at a knitting shop in Santa Rosa. It was so long ago I can barely remember…. What I do remember is that it was an old house and the owner was real sweet. Our teacher was strict and efficient in knitting. By the end of our classes I was on double pointed needles, making a hat! First project ever. I loved it. However, the hat was not well received:( My boyfriend, Leon (whom I am now married to) wasn’t especially excited. He later told me nicely he doesn’t like knitted things (since then I have made him a blanket, that he LOVES). So I was a bit discouraged and only knit whimsically after that. Maybe a scarf for a friend or a hat, but no real inspiration or pattern reading. My Mom on the other hand… She fell in love. After working long hours ALL summer, as a landscaper, she spent the rainy season knitting. She would take sweater classes, sock classes ( seriously I have only seen one sock for about four different pairs. he he), hat classes, bag classes….. I was the receiver of many awesome knitted gifts. I was reaping the benefits and not knitting myself.
In May of 2003 Leon and I moved to South Lake Tahoe for eight months. Summer was heaven and we had a blast hiking with our dogs and swimming in the lake. Then winter came. Ugh! Freezing cold, can’t get over the pass, no money… I was ready to come home by Christmas. I remember talking to my Mom on the phone and she mentioned she wanted to open a yarn shop. I felt like coming home right then. By the end of January we were driving a U-haul home, and by May the doors were open to Knitterly.
I had yarn balls in my eyes. The bug had bitten me. I wanted everyone to knit and wanted to knit everything. Did I mention I hadn’t knit since ummmm gosh what was the last thing I had knit?! So I became a collector. Over the years I have learned to make a sweater, felted bags, knitted toys, fingerless gloves, socks. My skills are getting better. I have also previously set the goal to “knit all my yarn”. It has been done and then I start a new collection.
But now I am older, wiser, and supposed to be saving for a new car, a house, and a college fund for our genius baby Waylon. I recently picked up a book, from my Kindle app on my iphone, “The Happiness Project” by Gretchin Rubin. She is inspiring. Gretchin had an epiphany one day on a bus and set out to be more happy. She already had great life and was happy but thought maybe she wasn’t living up to her happiness potential. (I am not finished reading it… But she’s funny and has some fun ideas to de-clutter, reconnect, and have fun.)
Anyway, I have decided to take some de-clutter inspiration from Ms. Gretchen. Starting with my yarn collection. The plan is to finish ALL my previously started projects and knit the random balls of yarn, by September, before becoming a slave to the yarn goddess (my Mom) and never taking home another paycheck;)
Wish me luck! I may need it.