When I decided to do this ‘summer of yarn’ project, I hadn’t really made any stipulations or rules about finishing. No hard deadline, just  September, no rules about doing more than one project at once (which is what I have started today… He he). No plan.

To be succesful I think there should be some sort of plan, list, or rough guidelines to follow. So here they are:

1. I can alternate two projects at a time. This will make finishing all, probobly 19, projects much faster.

2. “Finishing” is crucial. Weaving ends in, sewing together, washing, blocking, that is all part of the work. It’s not done till it’s really done.

3. I can not start a different project until a previous one is FINISHED. Meaning only two at a time and no more. (I tend to overwhelm myself with too many things at once, then  pretend I don’t have these previously started things to work on. Not productive. And that is why I am in this over yarned position)

4. Have fun! It’s knitting. It’s enjoyable. (Sometimes if we force ourself to finish something we have put down… It makes it dreadful.) There can be  a good reason we put down our knitting. The yarn is too rough, our needles are sticking, the pattern doesn’t look how we thought it would. If I don’t like it I will tear it out and make a new creation. No guilt in knitting. It’s FUN;)

5. Deadline…. I am no good with deadlines. I wait till the last second and around 2AM the morning of, I am cramming to finish things. Always! That is my hardwired flaw (Besides being over talkative. wink wink). Usually the work turns out well. Which, one would think, would inspire me to be more fastidious. If I do well at the last second imagine how great it can be if I start early, or even on time. Ha. So  I have decided to change the ‘summer of yarn’ theme into ‘Just finish already’. No deadline. Just my yarn, needles, some patterns, and good old knitting time (which is rare now being a Mommy. Knitting is fun – but not nearly as awesome as playing with Waylon)