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I am sooooo excited! I HAVE FINISHED MY FIRST PROJECT! (I am literally shouting with excitement) ha ha

I altered the amount of balls (63 total). In fact I have two leftover. The one at Knitterly does have 100 balls…… But it is a really wide doorway and tall. Sam, our Sunday girl, who I made the curtain for has cats too. So I figured that making it shorter and not quite so wide would be better. Otherwise her cats will be jumping up and dangling from all my hard work. I am so excited to give it to her. Her actual B-Day isn’t until the 20Th… But I am bad at hanging onto a gift once i get it. As soon as I find a gift for someone I want to give it to them right then. I say, in a very sing songy voice,  things like ‘You’ll never guess what I got you” or “I found your giiiift” .

It’s Sunday and I am at work… I have already left Sam  a message  asking her WHEN she will be here. She called back laughing. (She’s on her way ;D )

I will post some photos later. Yay, to finishing projects!




She just walked in a she LOVES it:D

Happy Sunday