Miss Bee and Mr. Waylon

My son Waylon, who will be one year on July 21, has already found a girl of his choice ;D Her name is Miss Myla Bee. They are such buds. Actually they look like siblings, so of course she is adorable. He he.

Myla turned one years young on July fourth. Waylon suggested (wink wink) that I knit her a cute sweater for the big event. And since I will do just about anything Waylon asks of me… I agreed. He was inspired by a new line of buttons we carry, Women with scissors. The company is owned by  two women, with day jobs, expressing the love for fabric and textiles. Sam, a forensic scientist by day and a Knitterly girl Sundays, is one half of the creative duo. The line includes, so far, fabric buttons,  big fruit (yep, big, fun, toy fruit), and other fun toys. I love everything that I have seen so far. The particular buttons that struck Waylon’s  fancy were yellow with little bees on them. He said “Mom! Mom! Myla needs these!”  And since Myla has such a love of Bees ( I mean Bee is in her name) we picked yellow and white. “All seasons cotton”, by Rowan, its soft, light, and just fun, so that was the yarn of choice. It’s a bit of a bigger yarn so I will get to use a bigger size needle. LOVE that! Bigger, usually, equals faster.

I have decided to do stripes. Which looks adorable. Though it can be tedious at times. Times like when I want to knit while a movie is on…  Not the most mindless pattern. It’s easy enough. Stockinette stitch, size #8 needles, two rows yellow, two rows white. Simple right?! Well, that was until I had the brilliant idea to knit one white stitch and one yellow stitch. Ya what was I thinking?? Obviously wasn’t thinking about finishing it anytime soon. He he.

Okay that pattern change only last twenty-four stitches in one row. I did finish the row, which was quite a feat for me.

I have now reached the point of the sleeves being on holders. It’s such a fun part of the top down process. It’s the point where you can see all the hard work paying off.  It looks like a real sweater. Semi sleeves, a short body. I can even try it on ( a child). I will leave with a picture of my progress so far.

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Happy Saturday

(P.S Heading to the hardware store for a dowel…. Putting together the Fly Curtain! Yay!)