Little things are so cute. Baby clothes are the best, tiny shoes, miniature belts, cowboy hats, and miniature jeans! They get me every time. I look at Waylon in his tiny flannel and Wrangler’s, (matching his Daddy) so stinkin’ cute, and I can hardly stand it. Needless to say I  am loving knitting Miss Myla’s sweater. After knitting past the sleeves a bit, I tried it on Waylon.  For those of you who  haven’t had the great fortune of meeting Mr. Waylon ( I am a proud Mamma ;D ) let me tell you, he is nuts. He is very happy and silly and will do most things to get a laugh.  He isn’t one year old yet but already is a comedian. So  anyway I put the sweater on….. Balls of yarn connected… Needles connected… Running baby, now, attached. It was hysterical. He looked proud. Smiling and swinging his little arms. He had a swaying march thing happening. And that look on his face that kids get… You know the one. Like they are on stage and loving it. But after a few minutes the balls of yarn were being dragged across the room and he had one half of the Addi Turbo in his hand – running. Not good!  Baby fashion show was over. He loved wearing the sweater so much… He had a little cry after I took it back 😉 Poor  Mr.

Checking out the work

I am hoping that’s a sign that his little buddy, Myla, will like it just as much.

I am enjoying the whole project. The yarn is nice. I am a cotton fan. Though it doesn’t have much give. I have knitted on the “All seasons cotton” before, when I made the “Coco Knits” Ballet flats. I had about five skeins of pink ( um.. who really knows why?!) and Paige was doing a class with the pattern and the pattern is awesome – so naturally. It was an okay yarn for that project, but not ideal. There was a point in the pattern where there was a P4TOG, or something equally as difficult, and cotton is sta-ick-eeee. It was making that squeaky sound like the chain on an old swing and my sweating hands were not helping the situation. For the baby sweater –  it is fabulous. It’s not too small, not too expensive and it doesn’t take too many skeins to do the project. (Not sure how many yet, but I grabbed five)

The pattern is nice and simple too.Top down is the way to go with a sweater.( no weaving ends in!) “Knitting pure and simple” has some really fun and basic patterns to follow. I  made my first top down with a KP&S pattern, with no help. So … If I can -any knitter can. This, KP&S, pattern of choice has the option of a hood. Yes please! How cute is a hooded sweatshirt on a toddler?? SO cute.

I am pleased to say I am on a roll. I’m on some sort of knitters high! (I knew it was addicting)

It's almost a sweater ;D

There are a lot more details in the sweater than the fly curtain. The sweater body, sleeves, hood ( I have never put a hood on either – my challenge! ), button band, weaving ends. (Yuck.. I rarely weave my ends in. My Mom can’t stand to look at my scarves with all the dangly bits hanging down… I think that’s partly why I do it. wink wink) I’ll take pictures as I go. Right now the body is almost finished. A few more inches to go. Baby clothes are so fun because they evolve very quickly.

Have a great day! Happy Knitting 😀