Tahoe is so amazing! My Husband, Son, and I spent the weekend on the beach in South Lake. It was beautiful. We were up there for a wedding and ended up hanging on the beach in ALL the in between time. My cousin and his Girl live there, so we spent some quality time with them in the sand. Waylon, my Son, LOVED it!

I brought my second project, thinking i would come home with it finished. Um, no. I brought the needles I thought I’d need…. Too big:( I needed one size smaller. No way around it. I did get the body finished:) I need to work on the sleeves and then the button band and then the hood. I am thinking Wednesday will be the last day. Phew! ( I hope anyway)

A girlfriend of mine, Mollie L., was telling me how she made a lace sweater (off Knitty.com) in about two weeks…. Ha ha ha… I am having trouble finishing this tiny baby sweater in a month. It’s best not to compare;D The competitive side sometimes wants to creep out and take over. It’s like the little yarn devil on my shoulder. It says ‘Mollie is finishing sweaters in record time… And you are NOT!’

Here is my latest pic update…. I’m thinking finishing thoughts:D