In the book the happiness project, ( ) By Gretchin Rubin, one of her commandments is the “one minute rule”. Basically if it only takes a min or a few minutes – do it. This way the kids toys aren’t strewn about the living room, beds are made, etc. I am going to apply this rule to my knitting. The parts I dread like the weaving ends in and blocking. ( BTW I have never blocked ;D ) As I go I will take some time to weave my ends in. For example, before I start on my sleeves I will take care of  the loose ends on the body. I am hoping that when I get to blocking the sweater there will be less work and I won’t feel compelled to set it aside and move on.

Since I have so many projects and no time limit, this should become a habit for me;D At least in theory.  I am such a collector. I have stacks of magazines, books, boxes of yarn, tackle boxes of beads, cards and other keepsakes for memory books…. I collect!  With not one focus I don’t have much time to practice any one hobby. So the idea that I finish all my yarn projects, read all my magazines/ books, put the scrap books together and maybe use a bead or two, I will feel like I have less looming. I am hoping that when I get through all the clutter… I can pick one thing at a time and make it AWESOME instead of mediocre. Sometimes in order to finish we rush through all our projects (house cleaning, organizing, whatever it may be) and only give 50-60% of our whole-hearted attention. But if there is only one task, then a person could make it great and give it 100% attention. That is my goal. And that’s why I made the rule to only work on two projects at once.

I can say ‘so far so good’. I am having fun finishing my ‘new project’ and look forward to working on the ones I had started many moons ago;D

Enjoy the sun shiny day and happy knitting