The button band. Holds the sweater together, literally. I am having trouble with mine. Err! First I was got a little hole happy. I made 9 button holes! He he. What Mom would want to button nine buttons?? (Not this one;D) Then I ripped back and made five, bigger, button holes…. Unfortunately, I misjudged and ran out of yarn:( Only four stitches left and just a skimpy piece of cotton to work with. ( We have all done this. So annoying!)

So now… Ripping! This is the place I normally stop, retreat, and hide the knitting in the closet. Not this time. I am wiser. I am fastidious, wink wink. So – I will rip. I plan to use a smaller needle, a book with button band knowledge, and attention.

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Happy Friday!!

TA TA, for now….