Pony parts;D

Pony Parts;D

I don’t want to say out loud when I started this. Let’s just say Waylon was just a twinkling in our eyes;D But here I am, some unmentioned, time later finishing. Yay!

It is SO cute though. This is a pony, for my five year old cousin. Whom has a very large selection of  ‘My Little Pony’. I thought this would be a great gift for her birthday. However, if it’s not up to her standards… She will let me know. Her birthday party is on Saturday. I need to give her eyes, attach her ears, sew and stuff, and she will need a name and a back story. You see… I made one, front, leg too large. I am really not sure why. Was I sleepy, picked up the wrong needle, ahem -followed a different set of instructions?!  I am thinking she was a race horse and broke her leg. Now she needs some caring child to nurse her back to health.

The pattern is out of ‘Dream Toys’, by Claire Garland. ( We sell it at Knitterly for $21.95. Such a fun book, good for boys and girls)

The pattern calls for DK and size #5 needles. I wanted a bigger horse, so I used a bigger yarn and some #8 lantern moon needles. Since this is a magical creature, I needed magical needles;D

My Great-Grandmother, Thelma, used to read me this book ‘Morgan and Me’. It was a bout a little girl who lived in the ‘Land of Later’. Her Mother would ask her to clean her room and she would cooly reply ‘later’. She was not hurried about getting things done and rarely did. One day she is taking a stroll through the woods. She came across a unicorn who’s horn was caught in a bramble and could not get out on her own. She begs the girl to help. But sadly, the little brat!, says ‘later’. In the end the unicorn is freed, and the girl needs help in turn… The unicorn is much kinder and helps the little girl. The girl never puts anything off, she can do right then, again. Moral: don’t ask a girl for help if you’re a unicorn… He he … I am beginning to realize my Grandma was reading this story to me for a reason.

Happy Tuesday!

Enjoy the fog…