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Well hello there! Summer has been great and adventurous!!

So I am still working on my yarn ‘Project’. Don’t worry, I have NOT given up;D Though, I have not finished the sweater for Miss Myla…. But I knit on it when I am not chasing baby Waylon in the garden. I have all but put the eyes on Mr.Pony (who has yet to be named)…. But I did knit a slouchy beret for Miss Sam, who I love!  It’s really awesome. My buddy Lilly R., who is a great knitter, set me up with this pattern. It’s from a blogger, cute Mommy blogger;D (  I made mine out of Ella Rae Latte, (Lilly made hers out of Fibre Company’s “Road to china Lite”). It took about one and a half skeins, of Latte, with size #10.5 addi turbo’s (LOVE my Turbo’s) She loves the hat;D

It went really fast too. Quickie!

Now I am loving the project I have been working on this week… Mmmmmm! KSAR by Bouton d’Or. I lust over this DISCONTINUED, what are they thinking!, yarn. It’s wool and camel… Yummmmmy stuff. I am making a pattern from the new book more Last minute knitted gifts It’s such a great book. My Mom has already knit two of the pointy elf looking hats and one each of the baby sweaters… It’s great. Check it out. But the pattern I am using is the square blanket from the 6-8 hour section, called the ‘Nesting squares baby blanket’. It’s a fun pattern. I have about six different colors and it’s a simple pattern that looks fabulous.  I am adding about double the yardage, I can hardly believe it myself;D It’s going to look amazing on my couch:D

I’ll add the finished Pony pic’s on Friday and some of my Blanket progress….

Happy middle of the week.. Moowa!