So I need to add the pics… I know I know….No camera handy – sorry. HA ha

The pony is DONE! Ya baby!!

She is a girl. A nameless one, 1 pound 2 oz and  a full head of flourescent pink/ blue hair. With eyes that sparkle, literally.

I am leaving the naming to the cuz. Can hardly wait to gift it.  I think she will love her. I love her actually and will be sad to see her go.

On the project front, that one is done though there are many more to go. He he.  Myla’s sweater is coming along just fine. I have one sleeve done and I am working on the second. The hood will be my challenge. Haven’t made a hood before… Don don don! (like in a horror movie)

And wait till you see the blanket I have been working on. It’s out of the “More last-minute knitted gift” book. It’s new and it’s faaaa-bu-lusssss! There is also an adorable baby bonnet (Blue Sky Worsted – which I LOVE) that I am knitting for a baby “Unsworth”, also in the same book. Very exciting.

You can come by the shop next week and check out all my projects. They will be loitering, un-done,  around the shop.Ask my Mom, Shelli, she’ll point out my rag-a-muffin piles;D

For all who have been asking…. Waylon is now 14 months and he ROCKS!! We are having a blast! Lots of backyard dirt and dates at the Discovery Museum. He loves tools and “fixing” things. Dirt was Gods gift to Waylon – I’m sure

MooWA to all who read my silly chatter….


This is for you Patty from Sac.