This Bonnet is going to be a fast project. I did have to start over once. (blush) We were at my folks tonight… Watching “Swamp People” on the History Channel. It really is the best reality show on. If you haven’t seen it – look for it. Sunday nights. ( We Tivo) Our favorite is Troy. Any way I was distracted and knit when I supposed to purl. You all have done it too;D

Back to knitting… The yarn of choice… MMmmmmm! Blue Sky Alpaca’s worsted. It is SO soft. I am also knitting with the Pony circular needles. They are amazingly smooth and the join is great. No snag!
The book I am using is the best book I have seen in a while. More Last Minute knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson.
I am also knitting a blanket from another pattern in the book. Sadly from a discontinued yarn. Ksar from the Anny Blatt line Bouton d’or. That project wont be as exciting, in pictures, until I am finished. It’s knitted on a circular needle, but flat, and then stitched up. Fun and it’s like having a surprise ending.

Happy knitting!!

Thanks for reading…