Last week I went to Calistoga mid-week for some R&R and had the best time doing absolutely nothing! Before I left we had all the Fall/Winter yarn stocked and only two boxes remained to be put away, feeeeew, it was a lot of work! I thought to myself as the boxes had been pooring in each day, “what the heck! Was I on drugs when I ordered all this”! The Store looks great and very full, so perfect time for some good R&R in Calistoga! Now for the Good Deed… the next weekend we went to help my Step-mom do some Handyman stuff and hit many a SNAFU! Finally two and a half days later we finished and went on to the mountains(Lake Almanore) no cell service, lots of Family,  lots of  rain, and lots of eating!!! A great time was had by all. Tuesday when I returned to the shop I found more boxes of yarn and goodies had come! OMG!!!! Drugs must have been my problem, yarn drug that is, I just can’t resist it!!!! I am a sick Woman!