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I have been a knitting fool. The weather has really brought me in doors and to my couch…. 5am I have a date with my cozy grey sweats, a handful of knitting, and a good movie. With my Hunny Bunny at work, and our  Perfection asleep, Mommy gets her knitting done.

Attached are the picture of some of my latest projects. Beanie and a scarf ,from Rowan yarns,a bonnet (from Kersti by Koigu) and my favorite, right now, a sweater from Rowan Cocoon.

Fall and winter really warm my heart. Lots of family visits and yummy food and KNITTING. Ha ha.

I am knitting some other fun goodies, Christmas stuff, Baby socks, ornaments…. I have these awesome cashmere cowls started too. I am currently training for a half marathon and obsessed with the ‘Whole 9″ ( check it out) so I have decided to knit cowls for my partners in crime. It’s so inspiring to get friends on any challenge you’re up against. My inspiration is a double dose. Ha ha. Sisters! Amy and Molly, whom are beautiful, funny, and SO athletic. The two of them have shoved me off my sugary pastry filled cliff and onto the fluffy cloud of good health… Well, with that came this indescribable surge of energy, and the feeling I can finish anything. Ya I am fastidious now. Thank the knitting gods…. He he. And my personal trainers;D With that said… I am working hard and almost able to buy more yarn.

Knitterly is a beautiful place to be today. The wind is blowing and it’s snowing leaves, orange and green and yellow, are painting our sidewalk. It’s the best. Knitters from all over are coming in with great ideas and inspiring yarn projects. I can barely stand it and want to knit everything… I hope you all are knitting today and enjoying the day. Mmmm! Fall is amazing.