We had such a fun weekend OMG! Trish from Tanglewood was here spinning her famous “crack yarn” thanks go out to all of you who came in and indulged! She promised to get me my order ASAP so when the “neck candy” skeins come in I’ll call the “list” and send out an email. After a great Friday and Saturday with Trish oh and 12 beg. knitters(yea!) we had Julie from cocoknits, full house for that day too and soooo much fun! Sunday there was a point when there was so much knitting energy flying around the shop I felt like I was floating right up of  the floor! Julie is coming back again in December at the same time as Takako from Habu, I hope to have that floating off the floor feeling again! Chocolate fountains may help that floating feeling too, yes we will have a chocolate fountain in honor of cocoknits.