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Our son, Waylon, is awesome! He is my favorite.

I heart this ‘Bouton d’Or yarn.. So I made my boy a hat. Doubled on # 6 (Pony Rosewood ). It took almost 3 entire balls. Do add more stitches for an adult had, this hat is perfect. Ann Norling ‘Head huggers’ is the way to go. Just make a gauge swatch and she will tell you the rest. (It’s great. I have been using it for years. )

Only takes a couple of days of knitting, and that is with minimal time! (Baby man and his besty, Analina, are keeping me busy and happy) It’s a Fun project and with pretty instant gratification. 3 skeins is good for an adult as well. You can pull from the inside and outside of the ball or roll into half skeins. I pulled from inside/ outside for mine..


Wow! Black was hard to see! We do have an amazing red and a purple, which I may use for myself. The black is gone:( I was greedy – Well, in all honesty I had no idea I’d use sooo much yarn.) It was definitely worth it though  He makes the hat pretty cool. Also he did NOT try to fight me when I put it on. ha ha …. Sometimes he yells and pulls his hats off. I did tell him the Mommy Law states clearly ‘hats must be worn at all times when outside; cold is a beanie and sunny is a baseball cap -he’s pretty law abiding;D


So he and Daddy rode off into the stormy day to get chainsaw parts… New hat and all…. Daddies hat is next;D

Pick up this yarn, you will not regret it. It was a pleasure to knit on. I could do a sweater with it.. Well, my alter ego would. You know the one that doesn’t wear red sweats at 4:00 PM and knits on a needle marked ‘US #3″. ;D

Happy Monday Peace, Ash