This morning was amazing. Strolled downtown with coffee in hand wrapped in Sam’s totally cool reusable sleeve! (Which by the way she sells on her Etsy site.. With her AMAZING ‘Nesting dolls’), and my i phone rocking – the soundtrack of my life ;D, the Ferocious Few (check them out)….. The clouds were mean and dark over our smelly river and people were hanging out… just looking at the water and the birds and clouds.. So pretty! Love our town. People here are quality ;D

Was a great start to my Sunday….

Our, wonderful, customer Louise ( or as we call her “Tim and Louise” ;D ) has knitted Yvonne so fast! She looks great in it!! If you haven’t heard… Yvonne is the coolest pattern ever! Julie Weisenberger, who is Coco knits, has created the most wonderful patterns. Yvonne is my absolute favorite. It’s a racer back vest thingy and it rocks. Mom is making hers with a Bouton d’Or, Perrene. (in color Terre… We are OUT of this color : (  Have no fear we have more on order ) I have picked the yarn “Inervnal” by Aslan Trends. I have a few projects going, wink wink, that need to be done first… But this is going to be my Hawaii project! Yep, my family, well the Flint  part, are hopping a plane to Hawaii. Our, awesome, friends – Ryan and Lauren have invited us on a vacation. Have to admit my anxiety about the airport and plane ride with Mr Way . I have done plane rides with the kids I used to Nanny… But let me tell you… Girls and boys – NOT the same species. Ha ha ha. That doesn’t mean one is better than the other… Just that Lolo would sit and chat and play on our laps at 2 and, well, Waylon – will not. Ha ha. Anyway that will be a fun pattern to knit on vacation…. If I even knit. ;D Which I hope I do. Because sun or not that is what a vacation is to me!

Before I go, I want to mention the beginging knitting class. The November class ROCKS! I love to hang and knit with all the lovely ladies. Every women in the class can knit and knit well. It’s been  so fun to be a part of the inspiration for other women to create. Knitting is one of my favorite crafts.. In fact, I think I’ve said this before, I get up around 4:30/ 5:00 AM so I can get a couple of rows in:D Thank you to all the ladies in our beginning class. Love it!