The holidays are wonderful. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s eve, so much fun and food and family/friends . We love Christmas in the Flint house. Hunting for a tree, in the freezing cold snow, hot chocolate, baking, knitting, fires, getting lots of Christmas mail….. Love it!

There are some cute knitted ornaments in More Last minute Knitted Gifts and also in Hand knit Holidays. Really similar patterns and both easy to follow. So, of course I had to teach a class! Monday was the night, from 6 pm – 9 pm.  Mmmm. Holiday time ;D

My students were really fun and picked some fabulous yarn to work with. Christine knitted on “AURA” by Tredsetter yarns. Omigosh! So awesome. Hot pink and almost tinsel like. Looked just like a sea anemone at one point.

Lilly made her ornament with half  “Touch ME” by Muench yarns and  half “Pandora” by trendsetter (which BTW I think may be a discontinued yarn.. I’ll have to double-check  that.) It’s huge and fun and just so… Well, so LILLY!  Ha ha. If any of you know Miss Lilly Reed you know exactly what I mean. ( She ROCKS! Want to be more like her when I grow up ;D)

Suzy, was my ‘Type A” knitter, she  picked smaller yarn and slippery needles… So it was a slow go in the beginning. But we got her onto some bamboo DPN’s and she was gold… It looked absolutely perfect. And it was very festive and red ;D

Loved the class and in the three hours we had two and a half ornaments knitted. Get it knitters!!

Thank you…



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Check out the pix and happy ornament knitting