Hello there!

it’s been a while… I have been knitting SO much. Hope you all had a happy new years eve. Ours was so fun. We had some family and friends over… BBQ and fire pit in the back. Great way to start the new year.

I wanted to share a pic of my knitting student, Tori. She knits really well and made a hat for herself. It’s so cute. She used ‘Blizzard’ and size # 13 needles. She even did stripes! Go Tori!

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I’ll add more pics later….

I have mad so many fun projects to share; a free form shawl, in Be Sweet yarn, a crazy horizontal scarf in “DARE”, finished Myla’s sweater, almost finished my ‘Vogue knitting’ sweater dress… And I have started even MORE ha ha…

Happy new year knitters!