Ok knitters, we have so much new yarn we are busting at the seams. For real!

Finally, we have the ‘Addi clicks LACE’

Lots of  Be Sweet, They have come out with a eccentric yarn called ‘Tshirt’. It’s made out of actual Tshirts. My Mom is burning out a cowl for me already. We  have  bamboo and some mohair along with their  new patterns.


For you sock knitters…. We have ‘Knit one crochet too’ Ty-Dy socks’, ‘Soxx Appeal’, and our Koigu looks new. ( Sandi has reorganized and it looks yummy)


The baby yarn has come in and looks great. We are carrying some ready made baby sweaters by ‘Appalachian baby design’,  also we carry the kits to make the sweaters and the ‘Appalachian’ organic cotton yarns. The patterns are adorable. (One off the patterns has bear ears!)  They are cheek pincher cute;D

Appalachian baby sweater kit

More of the ‘Fibre Co.’ Terra is in. New pretty colors. Makes great fingerless gloves. ( There is a good pattern in Last Minute Knitted gifts, for a pair made from this yarn)

Mohair mohair mohair! We have lots.

Lana Grossa! Mmmm! So many new flavors by Lana Grossa; Baby seta, Fumato, Carezzo, Alta Moda Seta, Alta Moda Cashmere. So many great yarns. Come check it  ALL out.

Happy New Year and happy knitting!