I’ve decided to do some fun knitting for Waylon. I have SO much yarn, as all us knitters do, that I figure I can diminish the stash and make some cool toys. ( BTW I have really diminished my stash since I started blogging here. I feel accountable;D So thank you.  I have to add pictures of all the finished projects, still a slacker) Waylon has a lot of toys. Mostly the cool throwbacks from Leon and I when we were kids. Leon’s ‘Match Box’ cars ( his favorite ‘The General Lee’), the dinosaurs that were my Brother Jeff’s, including a huge heavy Godzilla, books, blocks, farm animals…. The list goes on. I try to channel Martha Stewart, keep this together, organized, but he’s 1! so often everything ends up on the floor. All these loose toys have inspired me to knit bags for each specifically. I am working on a rather large bag for his giant legos. Using Rowan ‘Cashsoft Dk’. I have enough for a sweater, which I have previously made from the same yarn in a different color. The plan is to knit one for each, the cars, blocks, and animals. Then embroider the titles on the front, the block bag will say blocks, etc… Will take a little bit of time, I’m using size 5 circular needles. It’s boring but I love what will come out of all this repetitive knitting. Probably need to line them too. Hmm, not sure I thought this all through. Ha ha ha… It will be time consuming!  Also love the nesting dolls in the ‘Nursery Knits’ book. They are really cool. I’m going to try and use different  color and textures. I think I’ll skip the faces or do felt faces instead. We’ll see how they evolve. Maybe BIG yarn and needles so they are BIGGER. YA! Love that idea.

Happy Knitting to you all!